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Frame Styles & Editions

  • Fine Art Photographs

    James' work in the world of Fine Art Photography represents his passion for the outdoors and life around him. He is a self-taught landscape photographer and takes pride that his work is not dependent on post-production and other technological enhancements outside of the camera.

  • Open Edition Photographs

    Open Edition Photographs are printed on a high quality Kodak ENDURA Glossy professional paper and available only as loose copies. They are not numbered or signed.

  • Numbered Edition Photographs

    All of James' Numbered Edition Fine Art Photographs are equally priced and consecutively numbered regrdless of size. So if you purchase print #1 or print #500 the price is the same. Numbered Edition Photographs may be printed at different times and on either on Hahnemuhle Torchon Fine Art paper with archival ink or Fuji Pearl Metallic UV Coated paper.

  • Limited Edition Photographs

    It is rare to find a Limited Edition series of James' Fine Art Photography because to gaurantee a limited edition of digital photography is difficult. There is no natural degradation of a digital file as there is with physical negative. A Digital Negative File (DNF) easily preserves the perfection of reprints years later from being even slightly different or original. Therefore, James does not typically offer Limited Editions. In the event a Limited Edition photo is released, purchasing order, or "appreciation-levels" do not exist. If you purchase print #1 or print #500 the price is the same. Limited Edition Photographs may be printed over a period of time but the total number of prints of the specific Limited Edition Series will not be reproduced beyond the number of the Limited Edition originally decided upon for the series.

  • Artist Proof Photographs

    An "Artist Proof" is, in practical theory, a single-printed version of a photograph to see the printing state, which will once finalized represent the finished work that will be identical to the number of copies. They are typically not included in the count of limited edition and have special value because of its differences from the standard print. Collector's often search for the artist's final proofs even if they are master to the main edition because there are fewer avaialble. All artist's proof photographs are numbered and dated, and usually limited to no more than 10.

  • Studio Proof Photographs

    Collectors, curators, historians and decorators often view studio proof photographs as the most desirable, and valuable, because of their rarity, uniqueness, and that they may have belonged to the artist himself. These editions of the work typically one-of-a-kind working proofs where there are never more than five studio proofs ever made available for an image.

  • *Limited Edition photographs printed on Hahnemuhle Torchon Fine Art paper with archival ink. Artist Proof and most Studio Proof photographs are printed on Fuji Pearl Metallic UV Coated paper. They are dated, signed and include a certificate of authenticity with official jMcCarthy Galleries embossment and proof-of-providence number.