• Digital: Nikon D810, D600, V1, Ricoh GRII
    Film: Nikon FG & Rolleicord IIc Model 4
  • Lenses
    14mm, 50mm, 24-85mm, 70-300mm
  • Filters
    Tiffen UV & Circular Polarizer, Polariod Variable ND using the Manfrotto XUME Magnetic Adapters.
  • Tripod
    Benro Carbon Fiber FGP28C
    Promaster XC522
  • Camera Strap
    Peak Design Slide & Clutch
  • Camera Bag
    Manfrotto Advanced Tri M
    Peak Design Everyday Sling

Styles & Editions

Artist Statement

Photography is a story that uses color, highlights, shadows and contrast as its voice and composition as its body; a slice of time composed, captured and reconstructed. Looking at the photograph, printed and framed, I never just see a pretty picture, but rather a journey into a scene that I craft and share with those inspired to stare off into nature's imagination with me.

The Story

Photography has always had a hidden crush on James, a self-taught explorer in the field of landscape photography. He chases mother nature capturing her emotion and the life she breathes into our world through images of majestic waterfalls, lush redwood forests, serene ocean coasts to everyday flowers and trees our eyes see but only fall in love with once we slow down and soak up their beauty.

Born in Concord, a small, historical, suburb outside Boston, Massachusetts, James explored the rich history of the makings of America. During his youth he learned to appreciate the beauty and stories that are shared with us by the dirt on which freedom was fought, to the cobble-stone roads Paul Revere gallopped on his candle-lit "midnight ride" yelling, "The Brittish are coming!"

In 1985, his parents sold the east coast homestead and packed everyone into a white Subaru wagon -- a traveling cat named "buffy" separated him and his younger sister in the backseat -- journeying 2,977 miles across America to began a new adventure in a small Northern California town called Auburn.

Six years later while on a northwest college road tour with his mother he was shooting a foggy dock on a lake somewhere in the boonedocks outside of Eugene, Oregon with a hand-me-down Minolta SLR 35mm camera that was given to him by his 8th grade Journalism teacher, Mrs. Anderson. This is the moment James and his camera "clicked", but didn't fall in love for another 18 years.

James' more popular photography includes "Once Afloat", "Avalon", "Between The Hills", "Bonsai Zen, "Lost Trail" and "Never Ending Story". Framed editions can be viewed at many of his traveling galleries which include locally-owned businesses around the locations he photographs.

He is a member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), the American Photographic Artists (APA) and founder of the STUDIO610 GROUP.

Influences include:
Ansel Adams, Carleton Watkins, Thomas Kinkade, Rodney Lough Jr., Charlie Waite and Peter Lik.

Movements include:
Expressionism weaved into what Ansel Adams described as "Straight Photography".